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Custom Islands

Everybody would like their very own island, right? Well you can have your very own island anytime; if you have the room in your kitchen. A simple kitchen island is economical to build and it can be the center piece of your kitchen. Depending on the room you have they can be very small but yet functional, as well as a large food prep and occasional dining area. What makes them unique and fun is when you have a beautiful contrasting top for your island, such as bamboo, wood, quartz etc. We would be happy to help you with the design and ideas to this welcome addition to any kitchen.

Additional Cabinetry

Additional cabinetry is a welcome addition to any kitchen especially when cabinet space is at a premium. A peninsula is a great idea for a kitchen allowing more counter space and countertop which you can always use. We have built and added cabinets as deep as 30” with 10" deep drawers to accommodate a person's particular need. This will have changed the entire kitchen and the way it functions. Feel free to ask us about our ideas.

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